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TLC Construction | Scholarship

Helping Those In Search of Knowledge

We would like to say thank you the community, and to give all the glory to our God to be here and to serve our community. Also, for all the success and blessings we have received over the years while in business, because We did not have the opportunity to finish school and because we know how important is to have an education in our lives. This is why we are starting this program to fulfill your dream and give back to the community by sponsoring scholarships.

TLC Scholarship wants to donate $2000.00 every semester to a young individual that is furthering his education in Architecture, Interior Design or Engineering. This individual needs to hold a 3.5 GPA throughout their time frame as scholarship is honored to them. We would like to have this young inspiring individual be a local resident, as we are residents of Corpus Christi. We want to reach out to an individual that would like to beautify our city with the education they are receiving. TLC Scholarship is a Christian based company and we would like to sponsor someone who shares the same beliefs as The Lords Company (TLC) does.

We are looking forward to whom we may be sponsoring this semester, and God willing for many more students to come 2020.