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Sun Plaza Project

Sun Plaza Project

Project Description

  • Client: Commercial
  • Location: Corpus Christi
  • Year Completed: 2019

Sun Plaza Project

Another simple tenant finish out project right here in Corpus Christi! This project added a new look to the entire office once we were done with it.

We removed approximately 56 LF of partition walls and two doorways, which we saved and reused later. Then we constructed approximately 76 LF of new partition walls. We installed three more doorways based on the layout, did electrical work as necesary, and added fire sprinklers as well. In the IT room we installed a 4'x8' board, a dual quad and quad outlet, a ground wire to EP, and grille at the bottom of the door with entry lock hardware.

We prepped and painted the entire suite with two coats of finish paint. We also removed and replaced the carpet and isntalled flooring to the base based on the tenant's specifications. In the kitchen we made sure the sink has both cold and hot water and the cabinets are in working order. We provided locks on all interior doors within the suite as well.

Before Images

Take a look at all of the images before the project was completed!