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The TLC Construction Story

TLC Construction Our Story

tony and iris

Iris Lopez

I’m Iris Lopez, We are the founders and owners of Finishing Touches by TLC from 2003, and in 2013 we incorporated the company and re-named it to TLC Construction, LLC, The LORD’S Company! We met each other at very difficult time in both of our lives. I knew that God saw me and sent an angel into my life. By then, I was going to turn 18 years old, Tony was 19 years old, but I knew immediately that he was the love of my life and we had such a special connection. I knew he was the man I wanted to marry and start a family with. We got married in August of 2003, and had our first and only son the same year. In 2005, we had our second daughter, and put her middle name as Grace. We wanted to honor Our God because we started to see God’s grace in our Marriage, our Family, our business, and in our lives. In 2009, we had our last daughter. We named her Genesis, because she was the beginning of our new chapter in life. (Genesis1:1)

We inspired this entire business. This idea was born completely out of a dream. We never knew if this dream could turn into a reality, and that one day it would grow to be this big. It truly is a dream come true, and unbelievable to say the least. Recently we have opened new company, Properties of Harmony, LLC. In this business, we renovated houses and flipped them into modern houses. I developed and Sharpened my Design Style and Skills, grew as Business owner, and gained much needed confidence in myself, for this new Business all on our own. We have several residential properties. The first one we named it “The House of Grace” which represents the Grace that God has put in US to be His servants. The second one we named “The House of Faith” because is it impossible to overcome anything in life without faith. We recently launched our third house which we named “The House of Hope” because we believed Hope is the beginning of everything : Faith, Grace, Favor, the light at the end of the tunnel because in all the hard struggles God has sought favor and answered all our questions and prayers. Lastly the fourth property, our daughter Genesis named it, “The Apartment of Peace”. Peace is a beautiful inner feeling that has no price and no match, Peace is a gift of God. He gave us Peace and Patience to wait Patiently for his Word because sometimes we pray to Him asking Him for answers and plead for help but we get inpatient because we don’t see His answers immediately but God always sends His army to rescue us. These properties serve as vacation rentals where people from other cities and even countries can come and experience a wonderful and joyful place to stay while visiting our beautiful city of Corpus Christi. These properties also represent our kids in a spirit. We have our first born representing Hope, Our second born representing Grace, and our last born representing Faith. These have not happened by planning but by the power and guidance of God. Now, we have our last born naming properties on her own. Every time we look back in time, we are AMAZED on how GOD is in control. I have always believed in my Husband’s dreams because he has always worked 2 or 3 jobs and I know wherever he wants to go and accomplish in life he will make happen first for his family and second for himself because we know that when you have faith in God, and you put everything in his hands there is nothing impossible or door that He does not open for you. Everything will be okay when you believe in Him, in yourself, and your dreams. After all these years of working in our construction company, we were able to learn more in the construction industry, in business, and in designing. My husband and I developed skills to become owners, and gave us the confidence we needed to start our third business, in 2019. TLC has a special place in Our Hearts. This is a short part of Our Story!

Tony Lopez

I’m Tony Lopez, and along my wife, we are the founders and owners of Finishing Touches by TLC from 2003, and in 2013 we incorporated the company and re-name it to TLC Construction, LLC

TLC is The LORD’s Company!

“ As GOD was preparing me to create what soon would be The LORD’s Company, He was first forming my spirit, heart and mind. In my mid 20’s I was going through a bad emotional, economical and spiritual crisis. I felt that I was getting lost in this world with nothing going right in my life. There was even a point where I was even afraid to talk to people including my co-workers, until I broke down and called out my Father God to come rescue me and He sure did! I remember a short time after on a Sunday afternoon my pastor came to my home to pray for me and that was relieving. As my spirit was being re-built into a new creation, there was several things happening; I would be working on painting a wall or installing windows and I will get bible scriptures in my head delivered by my Father GOD, and I would open up my bible and read the exact moment that my life was going through in the bible with answers, perfect words at a perfect time. I would feel my spirit filled of The Holy Spirit, with strength, peace, and wisdom, this is how GOD works folks! Remember when my pastor came and pray for me when my life was falling apart, after he finished praying he said prophecy that in a few days, GOD was going to delivered a message in a dream, three days later I had such dream, and it happened to be on my 25th birthday, revealing the magnificent Power of GOD in my life by rescuing me and showing me how much he loves US. One of the many things He showed me was the scripture of Isaiah 40:31,"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." That same day I opened up "Our Daily Bread" and found the same scripture and in that moment I knew GOD wanted US to use it in His Company, which we did and decided to adopt it to be our company logo. Since then we have put all of our hope, effort, thoughts, projects, and everything we do into God’s hands! That is why I say that GOD is in control and everything I do is around Him!!!” The Key of my Success has been the foundation of My Father GOD, The Support of my Beatiful Wife, Seeing My Blessings: Our Kids Develop Everyday. And of course the Following: “When You work Hard, Happy w/ Dedication & Honesty you will provide Excellence”.

GOD’s Time it is Always The Perfect Time!

Our Mission is YOUR Vision

As the company grew, bringing 16 years of construction experience and trades TLC Construction, LLC initially started with Mr. Lopez having two workers he worked with and working side by side, with his wife Iris Lopez, combining their desks and sharing ideas which led to have a team of now 25 employees and bringing more employments to help our community’s families in surrounding areas of Corpus Christi in South Texas. owner Tony Lopez, has succeeded in becoming one of the highest regarded and respected man in the Construction Industry in South Texas. Tony Lopez, understands how important your trust is in a contractor/client relationship needs to be. You can rely on his team, and company to serve your family or business, ethically and responsibly while delivering his personal experience and craftsmanship to every project. With a great team, they aim for a goal to complete your project on time, in budget, and in a high-quality workmanship manner with personal touches and detailed finishes. There TLC Construction understands and are sensitive as to how your project can temporally disrupt your life. Therefore, Tony Lopez has trained his team to assure that his clients go through an exceptional service in the process with the utmost attention to detail and are satisfied regarded offering quality service including the best lines of materials for an attractive custom-built design, taking all the worries off your hands and minds. His courteous, trustworthy, and skilled employees make it their mission to keep work areas neat, clean, and safe while staying on schedule to give you the best experience possible.

No matter what your next project will be, I will use my 16 years of experience to make your VISION come true with QUALITY RESULTS. TLC Construction, LLC would like to offer you a free competitive bid. Call or email us today at TLC Construction, LLC and THANK YOU for considering us with your next Project needs.