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Home Remodel

Home Remodel Project

Project Description

  • Client: Residential
  • Location: Port Aransas
  • Year Completed: 2020

The Hurricane Harvey Home Remodel Project

We're working on this beautiful home remodel due to Hurricane Harvey damage. This was a big project for us.

The front entrance porch was redone with hurricane straps and fixtures at the structure connection (dwelling). We had to reconnect the porch to the structure all over again.

In the garage we had to remove and replace approximately 288 sq. ft. of damages drywall on the ceiling. We also had to remove and re-attach the left side of garage door opening. After the adjustment we had to make sure it properly functioned like normal.

The first floor guest room restroom need removal of insualtion and siding and sheating around the exterior of this location. We applied biocide to the framing membranes and istalled the new siding and sheating to match the original. Then we prepped, primed and painted it as well. We did the same thing to the interior as well. Finally we applied sealants around the window to assure a proper seal.

On the east side of the house, we removed existing sealeants around the windows as they were compromised by hurricane damage. Then we applies the new sealants to assure a proper seal.

We had to repair the foyer as well. We repaired cracks in the drywall around teh walls, windows and celinings by applying mesh tape, float and texture. We then prepped, primed, and painted it to match the existing colors.

The master bedroom required removal of drywall around the ceiling. We applied biocide to the framing membranes and different areas within fur downs and the bathroom ceiling. We installed drywall, tape, float, texture, and paint. We repaired drywall on ceiling plus tape, float, texture, and paint in utility master closet. We removed and replaced the shower pan in the master bathroom. For the master bedroom porch we resealed all windows, removed the mildew presence and replaced two exterior light fixtures.

We removed and re-sealed all windows, mildew presence and replaced three exterior light fixtures on the 2nd floor porch. We repaired cracks in the drywall around walls, windows, and ceilings by applying mesh tape, float, and texture to the 3rd floor stairwell.

Before Images

Take a look at all of the images before the project was completed!