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Home Remodel

Home Remodel Project

Project Description

  • Client: Residential
  • Location: Corpus Christi
  • Year Completed: 2020

Residential Remodel Project

This was a massive residential project for us but we finally finished it!

After acquiring all permits, we started with the roofing, siding and windows for the house. After demolishing anything tht was necessary on the home, garage and breezeway, we installed a 30-year roofing system.

We removed all handles and hinges in the kitchen and bathroom areas. We removed all doorknobs, the vent hood in the kitchen and all doors. We also removed all wood paneling through living room and dining room area. We were able to save and reuse most of this!

We demolished the fireplace, removed both layers of linoleum flooring in the living room, kitchen, dining room, washroom, and restroom areas. We removed the carpet in bedroom areas and demolished the kitchen cabinets and island area.

We removed toilet and faucets in restrooms. We demolished the guest bathroonm cabinets and removed the bathtub in the guest bathroom. We demolished the tile in the guest restroom and the cabinets in the master bedroom.

We reinstalled new windows throughout the home. The guest bedroom closet closest to the window was demoed to make the room larger. We fixed and replaced damaged ceiling areas and did rough in plumbing in the restroom and kitchen area. We also built a water heater box.

We had to do supervise necessary repairs to the HVAC system and address all electrical wiring to the entire home. We installed sheetrock throughout the home as well. The entire house was taped, floated and repainted as well.

Among the massive list of installs, we added a sink and appliances, granite in kitchen area, tile in master bathroom, flooring in master bathroom, a toilet, vanity, mirror and lights in master bathroom, tile in guest bathroom, flooring in guest bathroom, a toilet, vanity, mirror, and lights in guest bathroom, flooring through out home and finally fans and lighting throughout the home!

Before Images

Take a look at all of the images before the project was completed!